Water Ski Handle Buyer’s Guide (Best Water Ski Handles)

Slalom ski handles are essential for connecting you to the boat, and having the correct size, width, length, and diameter is crucial for better performance and technique.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of picking the right slalom ski handle for you and why size matters:

Handle Diameter: Essential for Comfort and Grip

The diameter of the handle is arguably the most important aspect to consider. It is vital to select a handle that matches the size of your hands. A thinner bar may cause calluses, rips in your hands, and even tennis or golfer’s elbow due to over-gripping. Opting for a thicker handle can help relax your grip and alleviate such issues. A common diameter size is 1.062 inches for regular-sized hands, while smaller hands might benefit from a 0.888-inch diameter.

Handle Diameter
Handle Diameter

Handle Width: Space for Hips and Arms

The width of the handle comes in two common sizes for slalom skiers: 12 inches and 13 inches. A wider handle, such as a 13-inch handle, offers more space for your hips to move through your arms. This might be suitable for people with larger hands or those struggling with hip movement. However, a 12-inch handle may provide a tighter and more connected feel for some skiers.

Handle Length: Meeting Tournament Regulations

It is crucial to make sure your handle’s length is within the allowed tolerances for tournament regulations. Before entering a rankings tournament, measure your handle after skiing. Most tournament sites should have a rope or handle measuring system available. Ensuring your handle is within the allowed tolerances will prevent disqualification.

Handle Wear and Replacement

Over time, the rubber on the handle wears down, reducing the diameter and potentially causing grip problems and discomfort. If you see the metal bar underneath, it’s time for a new handle. Replace worn handles promptly to maintain optimal performance and avoid injury.

Best Water Ski Handle

The handle you get comes alongside with the rope you purchase. For this reason, it’s essential to choose the right one! Click here to check out our picks for the best best water ski ropes available now…

In conclusion, selecting the right slalom ski handle for your needs is crucial for better performance, comfort, and injury prevention. Keep in mind the handle’s diameter, width, and length, and don’t forget to replace worn handles when needed.


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