Waterski Rope Buying Guide & Best Waterski Ropes

For enjoying the waterski sport you need to follow our comprehensive guide for buying the best waterski rope. This article provides complete information for buying the best waterski rope.  

Buying Guide For Waterski Ropes

There are different types of waterski ropes. Before buying one, you should be familiar with all the following types…

No-Stretch Water Ski Ropes

 The no-stretch rope is made from a material called Spectra. Spectra is a durable material but it is not elastic in nature that means it is a no-stretch rope. Its inelasticity makes it the best rope for waterskiing. 

Spectra rope also has a characteristic of extremely low moisture absorption. This feature allows it to use for this water sport. Spectra material also keeps the rope lighter so that the skier feels comfortable while skiing. However, spectra ropes prevent to do tricks from being pulled off easily and they also prevent injury.

We strongly suggest non-stretch ropes to advanced skiers. They are more expensive than low-stretch ropes but they definitely worth buying for the best skiing experience.

Low-Stretch Water Ski Ropes

The low stretch rope is made of polyethylene material. This material provides more elasticity than a no-stretch Spectra rope. Low-stretch ropes are beneficial to most recreational water skiers and they are the best choice for beginner water skiers as they are budget-friendly option to go with.

Factors To Consider For Buying The Right Waterski Rope

There are certain factors to take into account for buying the right waterski rope: 

1. Length

A standard water ski rope has a length of between 70 feet and 75 feet with the handle included.

2. Handles

Just as rope type differs so do the handles differ. Waterski handles are less specialized unlike the handles of wakeboard rope. 

Material of HandlesMost handles on water ski ropes are manufactured with aluminium wrapped with rubber. The rubber is wrapped to make the handle floatable.
Ergonomic DesignThe rubber casing of the handle should be designed while keeping comfort in mind for reducing the chance of hand fatigue while skiing. Additionally, the rubber should be textured for firmly gripping the handle.
Finger GuardsThe two points where the rope meets the handle must be stiff and strong. There must be a space of a few inches at the converging point. In this way, it’s impossible for your fingers to get pinched between the rope and the aluminium handle.
Double-Handle PullThe double-handle rope is preferred by those who like the freedom to move their hands while skiing.
Deep V HandleA deep V handle has a deep, wide space to assist beginners who find it difficult to waterski.
SizeMost falls occur when leaning forward while water skiing. The handles should be small so that even if you fall you do not get tangled up inside.

Top 5 Waterski Ropes

After an effort of continuous hours of researching and analyzing the products, we have come up with the 5 best waterski ropes. 

1. BEST OVERALL: Airhead Water Ski Rope with Rubber Handle

Airhead Water Ski Rope with Rubber Handle, 1 Section, 75-Feet
601 Reviews
Airhead Water Ski Rope with Rubber Handle, 1 Section, 75-Feet
  • 16 – Strand, 1,000-pound break strength rope, single-section water ski rope
  • Aluminum with rubber comfort grip floating handle has molded end caps for safety and comfort
  • The 16-strand 75-foot rope is UV-treated and pre-stretched
  • The 1 section water ski rope is a bright red color that stands out in the water
  • Includes a rope keeper for easy organization and storage

It is made by using the highest quality materials. Moreover, this AIRHEAD ski rope is precisely checked and tested for durability. Meant for all age groups. The 16-strand 75-foot long rope is UV-treated and pre-stretched. It also owns a rope keeper.


  • Aluminium handles
  • This rope is able to prevent damages caused by sunlight
  • Soft padded cover on the handles offer a firm grip


  • The rope is not as thick as it should be 

2. RAVE 4-Section Pro Water Ski Rope

RAVE 4-Section Pro Ski Rope
684 Reviews
RAVE 4-Section Pro Ski Rope
  • The Pro Water Ski rope is the perfect rope for skiers who have more advanced skills.
  • 75′ overall w/ 70′ 4 section Mainline (70′, 60′, 50′ 40′)
  • 12″ EVA Diamond Grip handle (black with white grooves)
  • 1800 lb. (680 Kg) tensile strength
  • Rope wrap to prevent tangling

RAVE’s 4-section water ski rope features 70-inch UV-treated, pre-stretched mainline with 3 removable 10′ sections. It is also equipped with a 12-inch aluminium handle with EVA Diamond Grip and a 6-inch knuckle guard. The rope keeper of this rope has 1,800 lb tensile strength. 


  • The rope is pre-stretched
  • The diamond grip of the handle helps to prevent slipping
  • Comes with 4 sections to adjust the length 
  • Includes rope keeper


  • Being a 70-inch rope it is 5 inches shorter than the same length ropes available in the market

3. RAVE 1-Section Promo Water Ski Rope

RAVE 1-Section Promo Ski Rope
175 Reviews
RAVE 1-Section Promo Ski Rope
  • RAVE’s Water Ski Rope is perfect for beginner water skiers.
  • 1-section 75′ (22. 86 M) Mainline with 3/8″ diameter rope
  • 12″ (30cm) HDR non slip rubber handle
  • UV-treated & pre-stretched to stay colorful and will stay 75′
  • 1500 lb. (680 Kg) tensile strength

RAVE’s water ski rope is perfect for beginner water skiers. The starter Water Ski Rope features 75′ UV-treated, pre-stretched mainline with 12″ HDR rubber wrapped aluminium handle. It offers 1,500 lbs tensile strength and rope keeper included. 


  • It is a 1-section UV treated rope
  • It is a pre-stretched length rope so that it retains its length
  • It also owns a 12-inch non-slip rubber handle
  • The rope also has a rope keeper to avoid tangling 


  • Meant for beginners

4. AIRHEAD Double Handle Water Ski Rope

Airhead Double Handle Water Ski Rope, 1 Section, 75-Feet
177 Reviews
Airhead Double Handle Water Ski Rope, 1 Section, 75-Feet
  • Double Handle Water Ski Rope is perfect for learning how to slalom but it’s also great if you just prefer having two handles instead of one
  • Both handles feature a TPR tractor grip with four finger guards which in addition to being comfortable this grip is also precise—perfect for learning
  • This durable high-quality 16-strand rope is 75-feet long and has a 1500-pound tensile strength
  • Bright red and yellow color scheme is easy to spot while on the water
  • A Rope Keeper is included for tangle-free storage

This rope by AIRHEAD features the double handle and has a length of 75 inches. It is equipped with TPR tractor grips, 4 inches finger guards, and one section.


  • Soft handles for gripping it comfortably
  • Has double handles for slalom skiing
  • The bright color of the rope makes it easy to see in the water
  • Also owns a rope keeper


  • Double handle rope is a bit challenging for beginner water skiers

5. CWB Proline Recreational Waterski Rope

Proline Recreational Waterski Rope Package Eva Easy Handle with PP RYL Air, 15'
9 Reviews
Proline Recreational Waterski Rope Package Eva Easy Handle with PP RYL Air, 15″
  • 15” handle with round diameter and diamond shaped EVA grip
  • Engineered for deep water starts and fits all traditional & shaped skis
  • Durable 3/8” Polypropylene pre-stretched rope w/1 – 15′ takeoff
  • Floating handle and mainline for improved safety and visibility

This waterski by CWB is available with a variety of handles. The handles by Eva are easy to grip because the ordinary rubber handles are stiff to grip. The mainline ropes are particularly made for professional water-skiers. They are two section ropes with fewer knots.  


  • Features a 15 inches handle with a diamond-shaped EVA grip
  • Suitable for a conventional type of skis
  • It is a durable pre-stretched rope
  • Features mainline for better safety 


  • The form on the handle needs to be glued properly.


As an additional tip, it is never recommended to use the same rope for water skiing and waterboarding unless the rope is meant for both sports. It is important to be familiar with the industrial recommendations of the waterski rope before purchasing one for yourself. However, I selected the Airhead Water Ski Rope with Rubber Handle as the best water ski rope as it has maximum tensile strength and very comfortable to use. 


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