The 10 Best CWB Water Skis

After comparing many of the best water skis brands have to offer, I found that the most impressive pair of CWBs are the CWB Connelly Big Daddy Water Skis. I’ve observed which skis the professionals use and which brands they endorse. In this article, I’m going to compare nine skis, taking a look at their PROs and CONs. There are many good CWB water skis, however, the best one for you will depend on multiple factors. Keep reading to find out which one you should choose.

1. Connelly 2020 Carbon V Slalom 67” Waterski

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The Carbon V utilizes Connelly’s most updated technology to push the performance of the ski to the next level. Skelecore, the advanced polyurethane shaping process, mitigates the overall mass of the core for allowing the fiber layers in the ski to react quicker and more naturally. 

The same slim and ergonomic forebody and bevel design of the V paired with a light and snappy 50/50 carbon/glass. It creates a perfect balance for running the course and skiing on rough surfaces. It has a polished speed base with a wide tunnel.


  • Skelecore technology
  • 50/50 carbon/fiberglass layup
  • C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
  • Polished speed base
  • V-Tech
  • Wide tunnel
  • Variable bevel


  • Not significant

2. Connelly Aspect Slalom Water Ski

Connelly Aspect Slalom Water Ski is meant for experienced skiers. They will find useful as it is built for speed owing to the bodies of skis are designed. The body is narrow and slim so that it does not give a chance of making mistakes.

The body of this ski does not let a skier be in trouble on an extreme water surface. The body structure also helps to take sharp turns without slowing down while skiing. The ski is also designed in such a way that a drag force does affect it because the manufacturers have also designed the base accordingly.

The aluminum fins of the ski are durable and excellent for those who want only the fastest skis. Moreover, this ski will not weigh you down by dipping too far beneath the water. Even the polyurethane frame of the ski is designed for fast skiing on top of the water.


  • Ski is designed in such a way for gaining speed while in use
  • Bodies of the skis are narrow allowing the skiers to stay on top of the water
  • Aluminum fin offers durability without weighing down the skis
  • A minimal amount of drag will be experienced by riders who opt to use these skis


  • The polyurethane material used in the creation of the water skis is not very durable

3. Connelly Outlaw Slalom Ski w/Swerve/RTS Bindings

Connelly Slalom Waterski-Outlaw 67 - Swerve Front Binding with Rear Toe Strap, L/XL (9-14)
1 Reviews
Connelly Slalom Waterski-Outlaw 67 – Swerve Front Binding with Rear Toe Strap, L/XL (9-14)
  • Closed cell polyurethane resin core
  • C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
  • Standard Tunnel
  • Suggested Speed 26-32 mph

The CWB Connelly Outlaw Slalom Waterski is 67″ can bare up to a 180 lbs weight of the rider. This waterski is equipped with C.A.P.T. (Connelly advanced profile technology) as well. The advanced technology of the waterski provides an efficient performance with the capability to take swift and sharp turns.  

For better vibration and dampening recreational glass flex sequence is used to design the Connelly Outlaw Slalom Ski. It means you can fearlessly rely on it. The acrylamide base lets the rider to ski stably on the rough water waves. 

Whereas, the closed-cell polyurethane resin core offers a heat-resisting property for the longevity of the product. Letting you beat the heat in summers!


  • Recreational glass flex for the vibration dampening
  • Acrylamide base for the stability on rough water waves
  • Closed-cell polyurethane resin core for heat resistance
  • Binding and rear toe piece included


  • Not meant for big feet

4. CWB Connelly 66″ HP Waterski with Swerve Binding and Rear Toe Piece Mens

Connelly has made this water ski especially for those who are fond of skiing at a higher speed. The CWB Connelly 66″” HP Waterski surely gives the high-end performance during their ride. 

With a strong fiberglass wrap, you will enjoy it the most since it allows highly accurate tracking. It also assists in getting daunting and aggressive turns since there are sharp bevels on the wide body. Added water support makes your skiing even better than ever.

The CWB Connelly Hp Slalom Swerve Water Ski is highly recommended if you are looking for an affordable sports equipment to enjoy speed as high as 26-30 mph gliding on the water surface without difficulty. Even turning and moving at low speeds is fun as this model provides you with superb stability and maneuverability.

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  • Well-suited for beginners and intermediate-level skiers
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Remarkable features
  • Wide base
  • Stable and safe


  • Experts may not find it good because its features are quite basic

5. CWB Connelly Big Daddy Waterski

CWB Connelly Big Daddy Waterski, Front Adjustable Binding/Rear Toe Strap
119 Reviews
CWB Connelly Big Daddy Waterski, Front Adjustable Binding/Rear Toe Strap
  • World famous “Big guy” ski
  • Closed cell polyurethane resin core
  • C.A.P.T. (Connelly advanced profile technology)
  • Effortless to get up on, suggested 24-28mph ski
  • Rider weight > 220lbs.Aluminum drop-through fin

If you are looking for the coolest waterski, then don’t be reluctant to opt for the CWB Connelly Big Daddy Waterski. You’ll surely not regret to get a waterski like this one.

The Big Daddy water ski can manage 220 pounds of the rider’s weight while offering 24-28 mph of speed. Connelly, advanced profile technology, is another outstanding feature of this waterski, making the ride easiest than ever.

Briefly talking about the Connelly Advanced Profile Technology (C.A.P.T.), it is influenced with the leveraging geometry to revolutionize the flex control, leather grip for the handlebars, and trailblazing. The lycra material for the ski bindings has become an inspiration for the industry.

Undoubtedly it’s a big guy ski that can manage the wider body sizes to offer effortless get-ups. This concept has taken the industry by storm. Another extraordinary feature it owns is the flip of a lever, the patented Hinge Tech binding system, delivering the best fit and function the industry had ever seen.  

One of history’s major stepping stones is its honeycomb core construction. It was difficult to complete tricks with a lack of air time. Thus, the honeycomb construction was introduced to provide a more agile board for the swift ride and easier maneuverability.

Indeed the brains behind the Connelly has brought something distinctive, and remarkable on the tables.


  • Comes with the rubber boots offering a firm grip
  • Honeycomb construction for the swift ride
  • Has a patented hinge technology for the moveable lever
  • Very stylish and available in vibrant colors and design


  • Only meant for heavy adult skiers

6. CWB Connelly 67″ Shortline Waterski with Rope

Connelly Slalom Waterski - SHORTLINE 67-Swerve Front Binding W/Rear Toe Strap & Rope Included,blue
1 Reviews
Connelly Slalom Waterski – SHORTLINE 67-Swerve Front Binding W/Rear Toe Strap & Rope Included,blue
  • Reinforced composite construction
  • High gloss UV coat
  • C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System)
  • Suggested Speed 24-28 mph

The CWB Connelly SHORTLINE Slalom is a proven shaped slalom design modeled for a varied skiing experience. The design of the ski helps in easing the turns while making an overall easier skiing experience. For high-end performance, reinforcement rods are used to stiffen the ski.

CWB is equipped with C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System) paired with extra surface area to ski freely and confidently in deep water. It is optimal for deep water starts and also provides overall stability.


  • Reinforced composite construction
  • C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System)
  • Front Adjust Velcro with RTS
  • Aluminum drop-through fin
  • Incorporates most of the weights 
  • One size fits most


  • Not specific

7. Connelly Voyage Combo Water Sports and Boating Skis

The 64 inches Connelly Voyage Combo Water Sports and Boating Skis are a super hit for fast skiing. The Step base technology is responsible for minimizing the drag force on water skis, becoming a reason for the faster speed of skiing.

Another dominating feature of this combo waterski is the reinforced composite construction. Carbon fibers hold certain advantages, including high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance, and low thermal expansion. Therefore, carbon fibers are usually combined with other materials to form a composite. This waterski has the composite construction responsible for offering all the advantages mentioned before.

A high gloss UV coat is another most important feature which can’t be ignored. A UV(Ultra Violet) coating is a clear compound that is applied as a thin layer on surfaces that instantly dries by ultraviolet light.


  • Reinforced composite construction to strengthen the waterski
  • Possesses a step base technology for less drag
  • Beveled tips for turn initiation
  • High gloss UV coat


  • Shipping takes too long (1 to 3 months)

8. Connelly Eclypse Combo Pair Water Skis

Connelly Eclypse Combo Pair Water Skis with Front Adjustable Bindings
3 Reviews
Connelly Eclypse Combo Pair Water Skis with Front Adjustable Bindings
  • Reinforced composite
  • Aluminum drop through fin
  • Front Adjustable with rear toe strap

The Connelly Eclypse Combo Pair Water Skis’s best ski design that works great for both slalom or combo ski. The wide-body design of the ski allows deep water skiing effortless while enhancing stability during your cruise. The narrow waist keeps the ski light on the water surface.

The comfortable lace up front shoes is perfectly adjustable to keep your feet feel fit. Aluminum fins hold grip through vigorous turns without blowing out the tail and are durable enough to enhance the performance and speed. These reinforced skies measure 67″ (170 cm) in length. Furthermore, the Eclypse is super responsive to daring ski games.


  • Gives responsive turns
  • Allows easy deep water starts
  • Great as a combo 
  • Good for an entry-level slalom ski
  • All size fit shoes


  • Not significant

9. CWB Connelly Super Sport Water Skis

Connelly Combo Waterskis - SUPSPOPAIR - JR Slide ADJ
8 Reviews
Connelly Combo Waterskis – SUPSPOPAIR – JR Slide ADJ
  • Removable stabilizer bar
  • Reinforced composite construction
  • C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System)
  • High gloss UV coat

The CWB Connelly Super Sport Water Skis is one of the best kids’ water skis out there. A waterski like this one is especially meant for the kids that can easily manage 135 pounds of weight.

The slide-adjustable binding ace the existence of this waterski. The reinforced composition provides the great tensile strength to this waterski, making it tough to break by the kids. Perhaps, it’s a beginner and a wide enough ski which can help the kids immediately after their first fall.

The plastic bar holds the skis together while providing a significant amount of stabilization and allowing the skis to move inward and outward with much more resistance than normal.

The ski is safe to us because it does not allow to make cuts with the bar attached between the skis. The bar also helps the child to hold the skis straight when waiting for the boat to pull them up.

Supersport combo waterskis best for kids, as well as one of the buyers, commented, “These skis gave her the confidence and ability to get up and learn to ski. We are super happy with this purchase. I highly recommend these skis for a beginner child.”


  • Comes with a wider surface area which makes it safe to ride for kids
  • Well built
  • The stabilizer bar is very well constructed


  • The bindings are very tight, and the load capacity of the waterski is low (135 lbs), therefore, it’s meant for only kids


CWB is an excellent water skis brand; that’s why many skiers are interested in buying their products. If that’s you, the list above outlines the Best CWB Water Skis. I found that the CWB Connelly Big Daddy Water Skis come out on top. You will feel the difference between these water skis and others.


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