HO Sports Women’s Freeride Slalom Water Ski Review

The HO Freeride w/Fin Slalom Women’s Waterski has proved itself as a go-to option for many women who love the sport. I’ve got wife of my own, who has experienced many best HO Sports water skis made for the female gender. With her help, this review will compare its comfort, speed, edge holds, and more. Keep reading to delve into the specifics.

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Specs and Features

  • Sizes available; 63, 65, 67
  • Weight; up to 110 lbs, up to 130 lbs and 130-190 lbs
  • Softer flex pattern
  • Clean edge technology
  • Carve rails
  • Carve flex
  • Freeride shark fins
  • Beginner/intermediate level


  • Best for beginners and experts as well
  • Best at slow speed
  • Comfortable and smooth skiing with clean edge tech
  • Multiple fin options for more versatile skiing
  • Reduced ski drag for safe and stable skiing


  • No specific

For Low Speeds and Comfortable Skiing

The very popular HO Sports Freeride Slalom Water Ski can do it all whether you’re an expert or beginner. This ski is designed keeping all the newbies in mind. Very efficient at low speeds. It can be skied behind any boat. It flex pattern is softer just to maximize the performance for women skiers. Having clean edge technology for 50% less drag than usual conventional skis.

It offers comfortable skiing at wakeboard boat speeds. The advanced laminar texture of ski base to aid reduced ski drag and increased speed. It allows all the women to progress naturally with ease and comfort. The perfect water ski for all the women out there who want to expert the sport at slow speed.

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Amazing Edge Holds

The carve rails of this ski offers exceptional edge hold. Powerful arcs are no issue when using this ski. Active rocker carving is possible only because of its amazing carve flex. It also comes with Freeride shark fin which boosts easy turns and makes the ski very stable. Skiing at 24-28 mph is no issue and puts a big smile on rider’s face.

FreeMAX binding from HO Freeride, aids in great set up. No issues with getting in or out of it with this super comfortable binding. From clean cuts to easy turns, this ski is just perfect for all the beginners out there. Available in different sizes for the ease of skiers.

The Verdict

The HO Sports Women’s Freeride Slalom Water Ski is the best ski for all the beginners who want to enjoy this sport activity. With its clean edge technology including flex carves, this water ski provides maximum comfort and ease to all the ladies while skiing.

Addition of multiple fins can add versatility to the ski and increase the speed with balance. Available in different sizes, go choose what matches your ability.

HO Sports Women’s Freeride Slalom Waterski Rating: 8.7/10


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